(Re)Discover Yourself, (Re)Gain your Moral Compass, (Re)Generate your Life;

We’re All Together in this Path!

Imparting Knowledge, Designing Projects, Experiences & Tools that Create Impact on the Individual and its function in Society, Transforming Communities through Scalable Decentralized Solutions and New Cooperative Models; Creating a more Honest (R)evolutionary Movement by Reinforcing Personal Responsibility and Encouraging ReGeneration through Local Development.
Care, Resilience, Prosperity and Health; For Us and The Biosphere.

Our Mission is to Inspire & Assist You Into The Art Of Living; focusing on The Challenges Of The Human Condition & The Challenges Of Civilisation, walking the path towards a Life of Plenitude, Beauty, Self-Respect and Compassion.

To accomplish this objective, we combine InnerGrowth Experiences with Innovative Initiatives & Projects aimed at fostering Local Development and Sovereignty. By merging Creativity and Science through STEAM Programs, we strive to pioneer decentralized solutions that meet the fundamental needs of individuals and communities.


Can you Imagine a more Sane and Balanced Society? Can you imagine Healthier Relationships? Can you imagine Feeling Proud? Proud Of Yourself, Of Your Skills, Of Your Path. We call this Feeling, this Connection, The Lion Within.

The Voice of your Higher-Self, The Intuitive intellect that Knows. That part of you from which you cannot hide. Listen. Let it Be. Recognise Your Nature, Recognise Your Duty. Become your best through Self-Respect & Compassion.

We want to welcome you to The Secret Places Of The Lion | Seminar.

An Introduction to Natural Law & Emotional Intelligence: Because change begins within.


Learning, Understanding and Acting.

By understanding how the mind and the expression of consciousness works, one can improve and reinforce the capability for critical thinking and increasing your confidence and self-esteem; elevating the human-inherent discernment of what’s ‘right or wrong’ and coming to the realization that, as in the realm of physics, certain truths are indeed independent from perception.

Discover the Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behaviour.

An individual’s teachability, or their ability to learn by way of being taught by someone else, is extremely dependant upon the open-mindedness or close-mindedness of the individual being taught. Low teachability derives from arrogance and rigid skepticism, but also from naiveté and gullibility.
High teachability derives from healthy skepticism and open-minded willingness to learn and change.

Human beings should consider with great care their sources of information. By refusing to present certain information, and by influencing people to dismiss certain information as unimportant or unnecessary to consider, many modern institutions seek to control human perceptions and therefor to limit what people may come to understand.

We suggest you Discover our Initiatives in order,
from Natural Law Studies, Mind & Body Practices and ReGenerative Projects.

Natural Law

Gain an understanding of the most hidden knowledge; affecting our personal and colective condition.

Mind & Body

Gain balance both inside and outside; creating harmony in your daily lives and taking control of your health.


Prosperity-driven Biosphere-Conscious Projects; Sovereignty & Decentralization is the future.


Designing Projects & Experiences that Benefit
Your Spirit, Your Life & The BioSphere.
Only through Care & Personal Responsibility,
We Can Dare to Change the World.

Ethereum & a DeCentralized Future.

We are working on Developing new Models & Tools to integrate Web3 Solutions like DeFi & DeSci, through the implementation of SmartContracts and DAOs, for our ReGenerative Community Projects.


ReGenerative Community Projects focused on Sovereignty & Prosperity.

Like you, we are concerned that Big Corporations and Centralized Systems -like the current unsustainable Agriculture Industry- are blinded by special interests and engulfed in unethical and immoral practices which disregard societal wellbeing for the sake of profits.

For this purpose and after creating “The most pioneering Food-Security Cooperative Project of Andalucia” -as described by The Chamber of Commerce in the South of Spain- we intend to develop new and exciting opportunities to inspire & engage the young generations into realising the beauty and importance of using ReGenerative Practices, Passion & the Latests Technologies to create a Healthy & Prosperous Future for Families and for the Environment.

Recognizing our own nature is key to proceeding with our passions and develop ourselves to (co)create inspiring and (re)evolutionary initiatives to transform communities, one person at a time.

Ian T. Cruz
Founder & President ・ The Trivium Association i Sverige


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