It’s with great enthusiasm that we are launching our new website coinciding with the beginning of the true new year –as cultures have celebrated the new year beginning on the 21st of March for millennia– prior to its changing to the Gregorian Calendar. It’s the beginning of Spring –the end of the dark winter.

The Spring Equinox signifies Growth, as it allows creativity and imagination to flourish. Days become longer and the night becomes shorter.

I definitively feel more productive, as the plant kingdom also begins to raise nutrients in preparation for the first sproutings; it’s the perfect moment for pushing and advancing any project. Naturally, exteriorizing feelings and emotions will become easier too.

Finally, you’ll see the flowers preparing to blossom, the grass beginning to catch the sun, and an abrupt jolt of light all around you. Now is the moment to reflect on your life and decide whether to make any adjustments that will help you succeed in the days ahead.

You should also reflect at this time to acknowledge and remind yourself of your strengths. Most of the time, we fail to recognize our bravery and selflessness, which causes us to stray from our actual course.

Use today as a reminder to be grateful for the past and optimistic about the future.

I find myself now greatly inspired by the effort to organize and compile many years of study and research, for the launching of this beautiful initiative; The Trivium Association.

An opportunity to sharing important knowledge with those who are on the path of self-transcendence; those who have naturally come to the realization that we need to purge ourselves of negativity and begin the journey of healing, so that we can be able to also transform our lives away from fear and meaninglessness.