“A salutation made by contacting with the lips pushed firmly together and swiftly parting them,” according to the dictionary, is what is meant by a kiss. This makes it quite clear that while a dictionary may have some knowledge of words, it is completely ignorant about the act of kissing.
We should consult poets who still have the hot blood of youth running through their veins rather than the old fogies who produce dictionaries if we want to understand the true meaning of the term kiss. Coleridge, for instance, referred to kissing as “nectar breathing.”

“A Seal of Love”


Others have said that a kiss is the language of love, the seal of ecstasy, the first and last of thrills, the elixir of love, the melting touch, the nectar of Venus, and the tribute to love. A kiss is all of these things and more, yes.
Because a kiss can never be precisely described. due to the fact that every kiss is unique from the one before and the one after. No two kisses are the same, just as no two persons are identical since individuals are the ones that kiss. Genuine, living individuals who are teeming with life, love, and great excitement.