We launch 2023 with A Small Big Journey Into Ourselves, as a Statement of Intent.

The Secret Places Of The Lion is a simple and beautiful introduction to Natural Law and the understanding of how we manifest reality.
It’s the recognition of how we Learn, Decide, and Act.

Understanding the Dynamics Of Consciousness is imperative to exercising our God-given Free-Will, in ways that not only will benefit us in our daily lives, but that will help us transcend our fears and learn to cooperate and respect others. This is indeed very important within the current status quo of Western societies, where we have become used to Competition -instead of Cooperation- and a permanent State of Survival -in opposition to a position of Inspiring Creativity.

When we are in a mental state of survival, we can’t dream.”

This latest seminar will introduce you to The Principles Of Natural Law and assist you in understanding the Trivium Process; the way in which our Higher-Self Expresses itself through your choices; Your Free-Will.

This Journey Into Yourself will allow you to realize the imperative of being honest with yourself; to listen to your inner voice, recognize the truth and feel the joy of making the right decisions. Caring for yourself and for others. The only and true path to exert change in your life, and in the world.

Be courageous, improve your confidence, and engage others with care and inspiring creativity and cooperation.

Care is the ultimate principle and unique currency with unlimited power to help you transcend your weaknesses and encounter your true passions, empower yourself and your relationships, and create the life you truly want.

Discover our latest Seminar | The Secret Places Of The Lion 2023

Locations: Småland (Sweden) & Axarquía (Spain).

The Secret Places Of The Lion,
A Small Big Journey Into Yourself.