Ethos |ˈēTHäs| from Greek ēthos ‘nature, disposition,’ (plural) ‘customs.’


Empowering People, Reinforcing Communities.

Recognising the challenges of our societies and the current urge to (re)balance our priorities and objectives, growing deep within us all, away from violence and abuse, we see the imperative and unavoidable path of (re)gaining strong and solid moral principles. Through honesty and personal responsibility we can empower ourselves into under-standing and exercising CARE.

Care is, has been and will be ‘the key’ to refocus our common efforts. Towards achieving a more just, purposeful and resourceful future. Care, the sum of Time and Attention, is the true currency.

We want to talk; deep into ourselves, listen to our higher-self and become it. Put aside competition and be truthful.

It’s not only possible; it’s necessary. It only takes True Inner-Courage to begin this path.

It’s time to reject fear, leave ‘the survival mode’, and CARE.


Natural Law is Science!

Discover The Trivium Process & The Principles of Natural Law;
Recognise the process of (r)evolutionary consciousness,
Acknowledge the nature of human brain-balanced critical thinking and the resulting behavioural mechanics.

Human beings say that they want certain conditions to be present both for themselves and their species as a whole, such as happiness, health, peace, freedom, prosperity, etc.

However, specific requirements exist in order for human beings to obtain those conditions. If the requirement for those conditions are not met, those conditions will not manifest out of nowhere.

We are aware of the current civilizations’ challenges and strive to provide a wider perspective to tackle well-known societal problems, which in fact are mere scaled-up fractal projections of the individual’s shortcomings.

Educational Programs

Using the Trivium Process and through the STEAM Framework and the Principles of ReGeneration, we provide a natural, adecuate, scientifically-proven and pro-human method with a full-spectrum content; covering mind, body and objectives.

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Personal Experiences

We design Tailored Transformational Experiences in beatiful natural environments to allow you to focus on yourself and the imperative of self-transcendence and objective reality.

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Enriching Events & Workshops

Participate in Eclectic Events designed to inspire and instigate action, through the Arts, reinforcing interdependent and co-operative relationships, while encouraging expression and prosperity.

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The STEAM Framework

An Educational Framework to Relate Things To Each Other and Reality. Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all understood with elements of Mathematics.

Developed in 2006 by Georgette Yakman. The model helps organize all subject matters into a comprehensible framework for structuring educational models; the foundational research shows how the spectrum of the liberal arts contextualizes STEM.

STEAM is about more than converging the fine arts and design thinking into STEM fields. The Liberal Arts are, the ‘who & why’, the reasoning, to the ‘what & how’ of STEM.

ReGeneration as opposed to Sustainability.

The Principles of ReGeneration constitute the operational template upon which we endevour to create and develop all our activities and projects. An ethical approach for prosperous, biosphere-friendly and joyful initiatives.


Ian T. Cruz

Founder, Researcher & Project Designer

With a big-picture mind and strong Conceptual Intelligence skills, Ian will accompany you to envision a fascinating global renaissance.

Iwona Kratochwil

Co-Founder, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Artist

Highly empathic, Iwona’s sensibility and energy will affect you in ways you can’t anticipate; she uses advanced techniques and the arts to enhance your perception of life.

Ulrika Bringstål

Project Manager & Clinical Psychologist

Ulrika’s vast experience and understanding of human behaviour and an unstoppable tenacity for personal awareness will allow you to materialize measurable progress.

Roger Andersson

Event Manager & Coordinator

He is authentically, a survivor; Roger will make you recognise true care. He has an outstanding capability for generating trust and self-transcendence.

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